Robert Proctor

Robert Proctor, President of Multisoft

Robert Proctor, President of Multisoft

Network Marketing and Robert Proctor

Robert Proctor has been working in the network marketing industry since the early 90s. He currently lends his talents to Multisoft Corporation, where he serves as President. Robert’s leadership has enabled Multisoft to become the premier network marketing solutions company in MLM software business. Their software empowers companies to enact network marketing strategies and establish lasting, real relationships with customers. Giving others the tools to succeed is the goal for Multisoft and that goal is echoed by its leader, Robert Proctor. Robert prioritizes the success of others over that of his own. That personal tenet is what has made him so influential in the network marketing and MLM industries. Robert has been in involved with the business of the internet since the early days and quickly learned the importance direct marketing and the power of multilevel marketing.

Multisoft is an international corporation with locations all across Asia and the Americas. Their tools for entrepreneurs set the standard in the network marketing industry. Since 1987, Multisoft has been committed to delivering results on schedule, on budget, and on par with the highest expectations. By empowering business owners to take control of their network, Multisoft has had a hand in many people reaching their dreams. That is why Robert Proctor is proud to be a part of Multisoft. It is a vehicle through which he can help others. Robert measures his success off of the success of those around him. Multilevel and network marketing is such an important tool because it levels the playing field. Now, anyone with a computer can be connected to the world and network marketing allows those people to capitalize on that connectivity. You don’t need an MBA from Harvard Business to be a success in the network marketing industry. All you need is motivation, a strong work effect, and the right set of tools.

RobertProctorBusinessFolksRobert Proctor believes in the power of relationships and his work at Multisoft is proof of that. He is steadfast in his convictions of helping others before helping himself and thereby has devoted his professional career to capacitating others. Robert Proctor helps others by giving them the tools to reach their dreams. Network marketing and multilevel marketing, when coupled and implemented properly, are extremely powerful tools for companies with a direct selling strategy. Direct selling can be a huge benefit for a small company with a great product and the resources, software and consulting that Multisoft provide are crucial to that effort.