How To Get On The Radar of Influential People In Your Industry


Network marketing is becoming more and more of a hot topic when it comes to business and finding ways to supplement income in these times. Social networks and social media are becoming bigger and more important parts of our lives every day that passes. Seeing as how social media brings people from all around the world, from different societies and professions, together in one common place, it makes sense that the entrepreneurial within us are using these networks to tap future buyers and sellers for their network marketing companies.

The smartest people are already tapping into their social networks and finding huge returns. Here’s how:


  • Promote their content/ products / services
  • Comment on their Facebook pages / Google+ / Linkedin groups
  • Ask to guest blog for them
  • Attend their events
  • Do product or book reviews
  • Provide them with free services / content / products
  • Send them business referrals
  • Offer to interview them
  • Share their content on social media with thoughtful comments on a regular basis
  • ASk them specifically how you can be of help

Create Great Content:

  • Focus on providing great content (through blogging, vlogging, podcasting, etc) and then the influential people of your industry will come find you!

Engage With Them In A Meaningful Way:

  • Leave thoughtful and relevant comments on their blog
  • Engage in conversation when they ask a question
  • Participate in their community
  • Get face to face with them

Write Genuinely Good Content About Them:

  • Invite them to get featured
  • Tweet their quotable comments

Don’t Forget The Emerging Influencers:

  • Don’t forget the emerging influencers and those in your circles – they may not be on the A List but they might end up there someday, or they might know eople that they eventually introduce you to

Take The Time To Get To Know Them:

  • Research to find out where they hang out on social media
  • Before responding to a tweet or commenting on an influencers post, read their bio! Make sure your comments or reply is relatable