How To Find MLM Prospects on Linkedin

How To Find MLM Prospects on Linkedin

The RIGHT way to use Linkedin in your Network Marketing Business

Linkedin is a professional networking site that allows you to build your professional identity online and stay in touch with colleagues and classmates. It allows you to discover professional opportunities, business deals, and new ventures, and also allows you to get the latest news, inspiration, and insights you need to be great at what you do. Linkedin can also give you access to hundreds of prospects if you use it correctly.

Have you ever attended a professional networking event and been overwhelmed with the number of people that you shake hands with and exchange business cards with? Who hasn’t?

That’s where LinkedIn gives you a professional network marketing advantage. You can research prospects and connect with new ones. Here are the Top 5 Rules for Using Linkedin in Network Marketing:

Get to know people before you add them to your network.

Don’t blindly add a connection. However, if you meet them at an event, feel free to send a request and tell them how you met them. You could also ask for an introduction via a mutual connection or introduce yourself in a common group.

Be a resource.

Participate in groups. Share other people’s status updates and blog posts, post useful tips in groups and ask/answer questions in Linkedin’s Answers Area. This will give your profile more exposure and open up conversations.

Research prospects in your area or target area.

Use the advanced search to find people by profession, company, area, etc. What to look for: connections in common, associations/offline groups, something to contacts them about (looking for an opportunity, perhaps an articles that they wrote, etc), research before a networking event.

Use Linkedin as a keep-in-touch tool.

Reach out to your connections on a regular basis. Comment on something you know they value or share a resource. Ask them what’s going on in their world.

Pack your profile with information about you & include keywords.

This will help people searching for home biz opportunities find you and learn more about you.

Linkedin is a treasure trove of information on other professionals and potential prospects, as long as you follow the rules. Consider these guidelines similar to what you do when you join a professional networking group, except the networking happens online. Good luck!