About Direct Marketing

When you are preparing to make a purchase, there are several questions that run through your head.

  • Does this product fill my needs?
  • Is the price fair?
  • What do I know about this product?
  • Does it work?

Handshake       When contemplating these questions, many people would consult a family member or a trusted friend. If you know a friend has used a specific brand of shampoo or using a particular type of kayak paddle, you would ask for their opinion on the product. A personal recommendation goes a very long way when we are making a purchasing decision. That is why direct marketing is so powerful. When you replace pushy sales representatives with family members and loved ones, you can make a deeper connection with the customer. Reaching through your network is the key to direct marketing. An annoying solicitation during dinner time is usually answered with a quick hang-up, but when presented with a product by a trusted friend, most people take the time to actually consider the product at hand.

The key is the personal connection between buyer and seller. That relationship is what corny sales people are trying to draw on in obviously false ways. Everyone knows that feeling of “being sold” something and it generally makes your skin crawl. But if there is a real relationship between buyer and seller, then there can be a real dialogue taking place.

By marketing directly to their network, you’re already a few steps a head of the average sales person. You don’t need to establish a trust — a crucial step for sales. No matter how brief the interaction, establishing a credibility is vastly important for the salesperson. If you already have a history, rapport, and relationship with a potential buyer, then all you need to do is focus on the product. Their belief in you is all the credibility the product needs. A trusted friend wouldn’t be selling a shoddy product. It is important not to abuse your relationships in this way. If you sell a product you truly believe in, then you won’t have any problems.


Your dreams are in your reach

Your dreams are in your reach

Direct marketing is successful because it is based on relationships. These days, with the rise of social media and smart phones, connectivity is at an all time high. Direct marketing can capitalize on this trend by empowering sellers to reach out to buyers in their network. But sellers need tools in order to do so effectively and this is exactly what Multisoft offers. Their software platforms are the best in the business, allowing companies to install a direct marketing strategy quickly and effectively. If you are looking to make a real impact with your company, check out Multisoft Corporation’s direct marketing solutions.