The Importance of Empathy in Network Marketing

Network marketing and direct selling are both booming both in the United States as well as across the world. As more and more people begin to take these opportunities seriously, it’s important to realize one of the most important parts of making sure your multilevel marketing business is as effective as possible. Empathy is important in most aspects of our lives when but it comes to direct selling and network marketing, empathy is what can separate you from the pack and make you a top seller in your region.empathy

Why is empathy so important when engaging with your network to sell? The simple answer is relationships. Actually, the complicated answer isn’t very complicated and again, boils down to relationships. The fact is that empathy helps build and strengthen relationships while allowing you to connect with your customer and understand both them and their needs. When you approach them with this knowledge and have established that you know what you’re talking about, that you know them, and that you know what they’re facing, it makes you a trusted figure and allows you to sell your product more easily and effectively. Even if you end up unable to sell anything, the relationship that you’re creating can pay dividends in the future due to either sales further down the line or referrals to new clients who you haven’t approached yet.

By working to incorporate a feeling of empathy with your clients as a main cornerstone of your marketing plan, you will be able to easily increase customer loyalty and customer appreciation. Both of these can be directly translated into increased sales and will allow you to continue to grow your network. There’s a chance that you’ll even be able to recruit some new distributors under you if things go well. People who have used and gained from your product and experienced the comfort of mind that you provide have the very real possibility to turn into your most popular and prosperous sales people. With people like that in your corner, your distribution will continue to grow and remain strong, allowing you to help more people and continue to grow your business and brand!

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Social Network Marketing is the Future

Network marketing is becoming more and more of a hot topic when it comes to business and finding ways to supplement income in these times. Social networks and social media are becoming bigger and more important parts of our lives every day that passes. Seeing as how social media brings people from all around the world, from different societies and professions, together in one common place, it makes sense that the entrepreneurial within us are using these networks to tap future buyers and sellers for their network marketing companies. The smartest people are already tapping into their social networks and finding huge returns. Are you going to join them in this renaissance?SocialMedia_Marketing

There are currently over 800 social media networks, including mobile and digital platforms, and each one is a treasure trove of contacts and ideas. As social networks keep growing, multi-level marketers and direct sellers will continue to use these networks to their advantage — they are good for both recruiting new sellers as well as advertising your products and selling them themselves. Within the next 4 years, social media is only going to pick up in importance and popularity, meaning that getting in earlier rather than later is only going to help in the long run.

As of now, the top social media sites include Facebook, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Twitter. Almost all of these (aside from more professional ones like LinkedIn) can be tailored for incredibly effective social network marketing and direct selling. Through the use of targeted ads and leveraging the connections that you already have, you can find scores of people willing to buy what you’re selling, as well as people who will be interested in your business and might be willing to join in with you. As these social networks begin to orient more and more towards commercial pursuits, this will only continue.

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China’s Direct Selling Market is Growing

China is a complicated country with a complicated identity crisis that it’s currently facing. While the country waves the flag of communism and socialism at home and abroad, those who have been know that this isn’t truly the case on the ground. As it turns out, China is a country of consumers and consumption. It is easily one of the most capitalist countries in the world and because of this, it is perfect for direct selling and multi-level marketing. People in China are encountering wealth they’ve never experienced before and they want to buy things. Add to this that families are very close, and you have a country full of willing and able buyers and sellers.china-641112_640

Over the past decade, China has seen a boom in direct selling companies. Tax revenue from these companies has hit over 30 billion Yuan ($4.7 billion), according to the Ministry of Commerce, and it will simply continue to grow as more and more money flows into the country. As of now, China has 71 direct selling companies that are employing over 2.8 million people and both numbers are growing rapidly. Everything is being sold from cosmetics to medical supplies and as the economy and country continues to grow, it only makes sense that these sorts of direct selling companies will grow as well.

In 2014, direct selling alone paid 5.7 billion Yuan in taxes and had revenues reaching 25.1 billion Yuan. This speaks not only to the success of the network marketing plan and the Chinese desire to sell, but also to the Chinese desire to buy and better their own lives. Due to this explosion in direct selling and multi-level marketing, the Chinese Ministry of Commerce has announced that it is going to strengthen its supervision over this market so that consumption can be increased and more people can find employment in these companies. With the added safeguards of governmental supervision making sure practices aren’t corrupt and are following the law, it can only be assumed that network marketing and direct selling are simply going to continue to increase.

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3 Tips for Marketing Your Startup Through Social Media

As technology continues to progress and become a larger and larger part of everyday life, the ability to harness it and social media to promote your company, your product, and your brand is going to become more and more important when it comes to being successful. Social media is become more and more important and when it comes to network and multi level marketing, the ability to tap into all of your connections is what is going to separate the successful from the unsuccessful. Here are three important tips for harnessing your social media network so that you can use it best for marketing your company and your media marketing cloud, robert proctor

  1. Social network marketing relies on communication: The biggest and most important part of marketing through social media is communication and engagement. Simply creating a social media profile, throwing links on it, and hoping for the best won’t go very far towards helping grow your business. You need to not only engage with clientele and other profiles, but you need to get people to want to engage and communicate with you. This open channel of communication, one that goes both ways, is vital in getting the engagement that will eventually lead to an increase in business and, ideally, profit.
  2. It will probably cost money: Unfortunately, the old saying “you need to spend money to make money” is still applicable when it comes to social media and marketing through your various online profiles (because you should definitely have more than just one profile on a single platform). While social media marketing isn’t necessarily expensive, the more money you spend to get your content across various platforms and in front of multiple eyes means that you’ll most likely up the engagement you will get and the amount of eyes that are reading what you have to say and buying what you have to sell.
  3. You very well may never go viral: The dream for everyone on social media is to suddenly find the content that you’re creating and putting out there is going viral and reaching hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of views from across the country and the world. The truth is that this very well probably won’t happen to you. BUT, that doesn’t mean that your content is going to waste! You don’t need to go viral to see your content change the way people perceive and interact with your business. As long as the content that you’re creating is high-quality and helping those who are searching within that niche, you’ll see a difference in your business and the amount of customers that you have.

These are just some tips to help you leverage your existing networks (and newly created ones) to help improve you business. If you’d like to read more, the link is here.

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